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embodied learning with the land

where bare hands and feet have a place. where webs of northeastern changemakers can regenerate with community based in action, as much as holding each other with art, poetry, and check-ins

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created in order to question the streets we walk
& the paths we choose

This street is about choice. a choice in our educational journey, and a choice in what source of energy we are investing ourselves in, and our unique niche/role in fulfilling that rites of passage into adulthood.

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currently 𓇚 growing

lets' connect

"When I started AJ Adhesives in 1992, it was going to be in the City limits of St. Louis. In 2004, we moved from Downtown St. Louis to our current location on South Kingshighway.  We completely renovated the offices and warehouse and have loved being here since day one. The neighborhood has been safe thanks to the 2nd District Police Officers. The location is quickly accessible to all highways and there are many restaurants to choose from on The Hill and on Kingshighway. As a resident of the City of St. Louis, we support the community and I love to “give where you live.”  Living and working in the South Kingshighway neighborhood has been the best for raising my family and growing my business.

the crown

Andy - AJ Adhesives, Inc

“When searching for our first brick and mortar office, we chose the Crown District because of its location, entrepreneurial community, and commitment to our city.”

the crown

experience fresh

We strive to be a welcoming space that spreads love to South City. Our baristas represent the city that we serve in, and we give back to our local community, our home.

the crown

Cindy - Starbucks,
The Crown District